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Why do I say? Because, I don't know what to make of course. Also if I make a 3rd game of the series I wouldn't make it same the same as you saw in GU1 and GU2. This post was written before GU2 was release so I don't know. Also I have ran out of ideas in making that type of game. I may make something else, but it will be boring so I'll have to see how it works......

If I did make a Give Up 3, 85% of it would be puzzles. So sorry for puzzle haters :*(


2014-08-14 09:13:26 by BlahBlah508

Quiz!!!!!!!!!!!! (No options and infinite lives)

What do you call a mini "Ge"

What do you do with the "la"

How many letters are in this sentence? (C"TS")


By the way, I'm still doing my project and hope you will enjoy and support!

Please do not act like a total jerk because I found 1 in my school.


A second one

2014-08-09 09:58:11 by BlahBlah508

The game Give up 1 has saved, so I am going to make a 2nd one. I need plans, so if you saw this post, please put a command or email to me a something.


P.S - Something is like a picture, sounds, or levels (need to be very frustrating!!!).

Give up the game

2014-08-02 10:25:12 by BlahBlah508

Try my new game called "Give up 1", it will drive you crazy!!!!! This is about 1 of the 88 constellations - Gemini trying to complete a frustrating challenge made up by a BUTTON!!!!! Help him! Note: Giving up is the best remedy to failure...... Can you SURVIVE!?!?!? >:D

Hope you will like it, because it took me 1 month (4 weeks) to make this game!!!!!!

Also Note: Every level is possible.

Making a new quiz recently

2014-07-05 13:31:28 by BlahBlah508

Recently making a quiz that is HARD. And the thing is no matter how I modify it, it will always look like other quiz on this webside. I got parts of the other quiz in this webside and combine it into a quiz that I make, and the questions are think by myself. So I think I'll just wait. And sorry for bad English......

(Actually who wants to make a quiz that is EASY?)