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Entry #15

Gone for a LONG time

2015-06-30 08:20:10 by BlahBlah508

Yes, I'm leaving and may be back after 20 years. The reason I'm leaving is beecause of other projects. As you see "Funny Adventure" or the Give Up series, I'm not really a good developer. But if you do enjoy this game, thanks for supporting me.




1. DJDarkDash

2. HerbieG



If you are seeing the date of this entry, I will be leaving is 3 to 4 weeks.

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2015-06-30 10:15:00

Hope you find some well deserved rest while you are away


2015-08-23 09:34:56

I am actually STILL checking on Newgrounds logging off. Like once every fortnight. But yeah and oh-no!! I am making a 4th one.

370 Souls (Now on v0.3.9 Temple and 370 number is from Funny Adventure, a 74 × 5 joke I made of.)


2016-04-18 23:07:30

Why did you name your games "Give up"? That name is owned by a popular game, you should change the name of your series.