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Dumped Characters - Heroes

2014-10-05 11:15:17 by BlahBlah508

Well, since I have nothing to do now (at least this 1 hour). I was trying to tell you the dumped characters of Funny Adventure.











Hero Version 1. Milkgirl - This is an outrage! I want my games to be rated 'E' (Everyone). Since I say this now, you might know what I ment already. It is a placeholder of the main character to me.

P.S     If you still don't know what I mean...... than I'll tell you. If this IS really the main character, this game will be rated 'A' (Adults only).


*The reason you did not see a picture, it is all because it is too 'Hentai'* (My friend gave me this idea)

Hero Version 2. Some random guy - Some random guy is drawn by...... well like blue shirt or red or green or any other colour. Which I did not get used to it. That is why I dumped at Stage 0-1 and Stage 0-2. And I used a lot of time to animate the "It's morphin' time" thing. It is painful!

Hero Version 3. Aquarius - This is yeah, one of the 88 constellations, which I used to draw in my comics. Which I was about to use it. But since I use Gemini a lot of times. I use him again in this new game. But I did not completely abandoned this character, instead you see him at Stage 0-3 and Stage 2-4 and the You lose and you win prompt board. He is the secondary character of the game.

Hero Version 4. Gemini - Yes, Aquarius's closest friend in my comic.I use him because he fits perfect in the game. The title and 85% of everything

Hero Version 5. Carrie - Although I said I use him as a character already, this is another one. Carrie is a ghost, which she still wonders around this world until one of them (Aquarius and Gemini and other 86 constellation) are dead meat. (Which means she going to wait until apocalypse (Because they are immortal :D )) The one thing they know for sure is that it is easy to make her cry.

The difference is Gemini is the main character from the beginning and Carrie is the main character WITH Gemini starting from Chapter 3.


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2014-10-05 11:29:51

this post is the incomprehensible gibberish of a madman

ur cruisin for a testicular bruisin

BlahBlah508 responds:



2014-10-05 11:58:47

gonna smash smash smashem str8en up and fly right boioooo