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2014-09-28 08:36:24 by BlahBlah508

Funny adventure is too big! I don't know if I had enough space to put in, it only allows me to put 20MB. This game has 10 chapters, but I already had at least 10MB for 4 chapter already......

Yes my current making level is Stage 4-2, the preview is up to 3-10

Should I delete some chapters or levels?????

I would accept some user levels, name will be post on the credits. (Some level, not to hard or easy)


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2014-09-28 08:38:25

uh! this is bad.. :/

BlahBlah508 responds:

Very bad, I had planned smoothly on the work already and now it is too big, I just hope I had enough space.


2014-09-30 08:33:34

Okay, I have lowered the size. It is now 8MB. Almost 9MB. Maybe it would become 10MB at Chapter 5 or something